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A Warm Welcome!

Hello, I am Kristy Lee – University of Bristol, PhD (School of Education/Research)

I lead a team of tuition consultants and coordinators who are former MOE teachers.

Our 36,000 experienced tutors are current/ex-MOE teachers, and graduated/undergraduate tutors.

They each have between 2 to over 30 years of tutoring/teaching experience.

About 20% of our tutors have PhD’s or Master’s degrees in the same subject that you would like to have tuition in.

Making the decision to hire a private tutor AND FINDING THE RIGHT ONE can make all the difference in helping you get your grades back on track

Professional Geography Tuition | Best Geography Tuition Singapore | How To Study For Geography | Tuition Agency In Singapore | Reliable Home Tutor Singapore 

Singapore's Biggest Team Of Competent Tutors

85% of our students achieved improvements of at least 1 grade, within 12 weeks after tuition started.

The other 15% achieved grade improvements within the first 2 months of tuition.

Effective Tuition, By Experts

As Singapore’s top tuition agency, our tuition consultants and coordinators have matched over students with experienced and accomplished tutors.

Many years ago, we had seen for ourselves that when a tutor teaches the student the wrong information (because he/she is not really competent), the chances of the student’s grades improving are very slim.

Star Tutors does not want to take risks with your grades.

Star Tutors Deliver Excellent Resuts

Since 2007, we have established a reputation for being trustworthy, honest and effective.

Star Tutors listens attentively to your requirements.

We show profiles of experienced tutors to you only if they have proven abilities to deliver improved grades.

A-Grade Tutors

Students enjoy learning from – and feel comfortable with – someone who can clearly tell them how they can master difficult content and conquer their challenges.

Therefore, our tutors must have scored a distinction in the subject(s) they teach, before we will consider showing their profile to you.

They can inspire and motivate. Because they are outstanding role models, patient, and can explain clearly.

Our private tutors each specialize in different subjects, and some regularly teach a combination of subjects. They have valuable, relevant and practical exam tips to share with you.

They know the correct answers, and can help you to navigate easily.

Professional Geography Tuition | Best Geography Tuition Singapore | How To Study For Geography | Tuition Agency In Singapore | Reliable Home Tutor Singapore 

Geography Tuition, By Experts

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I want my Geography grades to improve FAST. Hire best-possible tutor

Please let us know if you are the parent/guardian of the student or if you are a student looking for a tutor
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The Challenges When Studying Geography

Many of our clients tell us that they struggle with Geography so much that they do not have enough time to study their other subjects.
The Ministry of Education is already taking many steps to reduce the weightage of grades when students apply for junior colleges, polytechnics and universities.

You realize that ultimately, it is still your grades that determine which Junior College, Polytechnic or University that you will be accepted into.

Start Geography Tuition Tomorrow

Within 24 hours after you have contacted us, Star Tutors will show you profiles of between 4 to 10 exceptional tutors for Geography tuition.

Singapore's Best Geography Tuition Team

Star Tutors has Singapore’s largest team of over 36,000 active, qualified and experienced private tutors.

We have over 4,600 successful and reliable tutors for Geography tuition.

geography tuition
geography tuition

Hire The Right Geography Tuition Teacher

Our Geography tutors have Singapore’s highest rate of proven tutoring success because we carefully shortlist and select applicants based on their tutoring track record, aptitude/attitude and professionalism/commitment before we include them in our team.

Professional Geography Tuition | Best Geography Tuition Singapore | How To Study For Geography | Tuition Agency In Singapore | Reliable Home Tutor Singapore 

Learn The Correct Study Skills

Our tutors are very familiar with the latest MOE syllabus. They tailor each Geography tuition session according to your learning style, homework requirements and exam grade targets.

Perfect Tutor Matches

We show you profiles of Geography tuition teachers only when their profiles suit your requirements and budget.

Accurate Matches For Geography Tuition

The experienced full-time tuition coordinator who is the project manager for your Geography tuition assignment has a Bachelor’s from the top local universities, majoring in Geography.

This ensures that we know the right attributes that a good tutor must have, when we shortlist the perfect tutor for your Geography tuition assignment.

geography tuition
geography tuition

Compete Against Your Peers - And Win

And the fact still remains that many, many students from your school and from other schools are competing with you for the same coveted courses, and places in junior colleges, universities or polytechnics.

Demand for the best (or better) classes, courses, and tertiary institutes will always exceed the available places.

Average-scoring students typically end up being accepted into the less popular junior colleges, universities and courses.

You Can Do Better Than The Others- Once You Engage Successful Private Tutors

Because the objective is to “do better than the other person” rather than only to “get a certain grade”, parents will do all they can (as loving parents) to give their children that competitive edge.

It’s not just about keeping up with other children with better grades, but also to make sure their kids don’t feel “stupid’’ or “left out’’ and end up really hating the subject just because others are so good at it.

Good grades are the best confidence boosters.

Get a private tutor who can remember your child’s weaknesses and target those areas.

Help your child to stay ahead. It is important for their future.

Difficult Exam Questions - Why It's Happening

Over the years, harder questions are being answered correctly by more and more students.

Exam setters have no choice but to introduce even harder questions, to be able to distinguish the superior from the good students in each cohort.

This then leads to much tougher questions when it is your turn to take the exam.

It’s a bit of a vicious cycle, really. Everyone fears that questions will be more difficult when it is their turn to take the exam, so parents want to engage professional private tutors, to better-prepare their children to compete against their peers. The children study harder and manage to score good grades.

The exam papers and results are then reviewed, and because the students have been so well-prepared and on the whole have achieved satisfactory grades because they hired good home tutors, the questions are deemed too easy.

This makes it necessary to set questions that are even more difficult, the next year.

And further increases the need for parents to engage reliable private tutors.

geography tuition
geography tuition
geography tuition

You need to score well in Geography if:

✓ You are interested in Geography. However, no matter how hard you try, your grades have not improved satisfactorily, and you have difficulty applying what you have learnt to answer the questions adequately.

✓ Your child often complains about the difficult and complex Geography syllabus and is starting to (or already) dislike Geography.

✓ You want to pursue a career in Geography-related fields such as Engineering, Social Science, Education or Architecture.

✓ You are taking your O-level or A-level Geography exams and need intensive exam preparation.

Star Tutors hires only experienced, patient and qualified Geography tutors with proven abilities to help students’ grades improve.

We can quickly find the ideal Geography tutor for you. Just let us know your requirements

Geography Mastery Is An Important Asset

Knowledge itself is a very valuable asset.

Geography tuition provides the extra boost for knowledge – and your grades.

Confidence During Your Exams

You do not want to end up being assigned courses or a tertiary institute that is your 3rd or 4th choice because you lost out by just a few marks in your O-Level or A-Level exams.

Your classmates managed to score good grades for Geography. It is likely that this was because they managed to hire a good Geography tutor in time for them to do intensive revision and preparation for the exams.

Geography, As Taught In Singapore Schools

Your syllabus is designed by the MOE to ensure that you have a solid foundation in Geography, whether or not you plan to take Geography at tertiary level.

Career Opportunities Involving Geography

Career opportunities in Town Planning/Architecture, Education, Social Science and Engineering are attractive and very lucrative.

Scoring good grades in Geography is therefore useful to you, when you want to broaden your career options.

Get An A For Geography

The only way you can do well in Geography is by having a clear understanding the key concepts of what are required in the examination schemes and formats.


For O-Level Geography, the MOE states:

The syllabus aims to enable candidates to:

  • acquire knowledge of the characteristics, distribution and processes of physical and human phenomena.
  • develop a holistic understanding of physical-human relationships at local, regional and global scales.
  • gain geographical insights and global awareness into future challenges through the study of current issues and their management.
  • become inquiring and self-directed learners who ask geographical questions and seek understanding through the collection and analysis of geographical information.
  • develop skills in communicating and applying geographical knowledge.
  • make informed judgements and sound decisions through the analysis, synthesis and evaluation of geographical information.


Candidates should be able to:

AO1: Knowledge

  • demonstrate relevant factual knowledge – geographical facts, concepts, processes, interactions and trends.
  • demonstrate knowledge of relevant fieldwork techniques – identification of geographical question, sequence of fieldwork inquiry, primary and secondary data collection methods.

AO2: Critical Understanding and Constructing Explanation

  • select, organise and apply concepts, terms and facts learnt.
  • make judgements, recommendations and decisions.
  • evaluate data collection methods and suggest improvements.

AO3: Interpreting and Evaluating Geographical Data

  • comprehend and extract relevant information from geographical data (numerical, diagrammatic, pictorial.

and graphical forms)

  • use and apply geographical knowledge and understanding to interpret geographical data.

– recognise patterns in geographical data and deduce relationships.

– compare and contrast different views.

– present geographical data in an appropriate form and in an effective manner.

– draw conclusions based on a reasoned consideration of evidence.

  • evaluate the validity and limitations of fieldwork evidence and of the conclusions reached.

For A-Level Geography, the MOE states:

“The aims and learning outcomes below represent the body of geographical knowledge, skills and values that students will acquire through H2 Geography.


The syllabus requires students to develop an understanding of:

  1. the uniqueness of different types of natural environments and places.
  2. the interactions and interdependence between natural environments, societies and cultures at various scales.
  3. the evolution of landscapes and development of issues over time.
  4. the processes that shape natural environments, societies and cultures at various scales.
  5. the connections, trends and patterns in different parts of Asia and the rest of the world.
  6. a range of contemporary issues in different parts of Asia and the rest of the world through geographical perspectives.
  7. different approaches to solve real-world problems and achieve sustainable development; and
  8. the connections between different sub-fields of geography.


The syllabus seeks to equip students with the ability to:

  1. consider evidence and different viewpoints to develop logical arguments and explanations
  2. analyse, evaluate and reflect on information from a geographical perspective to make informed and sound decisions
  3. construct understanding through inquiry using different data collection and analysis methods; and
  4. use and evaluate maps, other data representation to integrate information and communicate to a specific audience.


The syllabus seeks to encourage students to:

  1. be inspired by the splendour of natural environments and human ingenuity.
  2. care for delicate ecosystems and understand the importance of environmentally sustainable lifestyles.
  3. develop as global citizens, seek harmony and respect others in a culturally diverse world.
  4. contribute responsibly towards the building of a robust and inclusive society; and
  5. have the integrity to uphold ethical principles and be resilient in their pursuit for a better world.


AO1 – Knowledge

Candidates should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • geographical terms, facts, concepts, issues, phenomena, trends; and
  • geographical investigation skills and methods.

AO2 – Application and Analysis

Candidates should be able to:

  • construct explanations to show how geographical knowledge is understood in particular contexts.
  • apply geographical knowledge and understanding to interpret and analyse different types of geographical data; and
  • apply relevant geographical knowledge, understanding, skills and methods to carry out investigations in unseen contexts.

AO3 – Evaluation

Candidates should be able to demonstrate critical thinking by:

  • synthesising knowledge from different sub-fields in geography.
  • drawing conclusions and making judgements based on a reasoned consideration of evidence and/or different viewpoints.
  • making recommendations and decisions that consider different elements of an issue and/or address interests of different stakeholders; and
  • evaluating different types of geographical data, methods of data collection and analysis.
geography tuition
geography tuition
geography tuition
geography tuition

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Professional Geography Tuition | Best Geography Tuition Singapore | How To Study For Geography | Tuition Agency In Singapore | Reliable Home Tutor Singapore 

Affordable And Fair Tutor Rates

Our private tutor matching service is free, and students only need to pay monthly tuition charges.

Tutors in Singapore quote their own hourly rates. In general, the rates are based on their years of private tutoring experience, their academic qualifications, and their abilities/confidence to help their students’ grades improve.

The tuition industry is very competitive and transparent.

Parents are aware that when their budget is below the industry average, the better-qualified tutors are not likely to apply for the assignment.

The figures below are the average range of rates quoted by experienced tutors with good track records.

Star Tutors represents only university undergraduates, graduates, MOE current/former teachers and university lecturers.


$30-120 / hour
  • Lower Primary
  • Upper Primary
  • Lower Secondary
  • Upper Secondary
  • Junior College
  • University-Level


$30-70 / hour
  • $30 - $40
  • $30 - $45
  • $35 - $45
  • $40 - $60
  • $50 - $60
  • $60 - $70


$30-120 / hour
  • $30 - $45
  • $35 - $50
  • $45 - $55
  • $40 - $60
  • $60 - $80
  • $80 - $120


$40-120 / hour
  • $40 - $60
  • $45 - $65
  • $60 - $80
  • $65 - $90
  • $90 - $120
  • -

Get The Best Deals When Hiring A Geography Tutor

Three easy ways to ensure successful grade improvement:

Reduce Tutoring Requirements

Tuition rates depend on tutor qualifications as well as tutor availability. The more requirements you have, the harder it is to find a tutor who will respond to your assignment.

Typical requirements would include Gender, Combination of Subjects, Budget, Schedule, etc.

You should shortlist the requirements that are most important to you.

For example, if you want only female tutors, then this reduces the tutor options by 50%.

It is also good to hire two separate tutors, to teach two different subjects because most tutors are truly strong at one subject, even if they themselves scored A’s for both of the subjects that you want tuition in.

Major National Exams

Tutors who specialize or have significant experience in tutoring students taking their PSLE, GCE O Levels and GCE A Levels typically quote higher hourly rates.

This is due to the intensive effort in exam preparation, content revision, and (if the student was not taught properly in previous years) getting the student to un-learn the study skills that have been causing weak grades.

Every year after the June holidays, good tutors usually do not want to teach graduating-year students because they will need to rush and intensely cram a lot of content, in order to adequately prepare the student.

Parents therefore prefer to engage a reliable Geography tutor at least one year ahead of the major National Exams.


We encourage our clients to be realistic with the tuition budget that they would like to work within.

Star Tutors does not regulate nor alter the hourly tuition rates.

Tutors with proven track records that consistently deliver A grades, tuition teachers with many years of experience, and current/former MOE teachers are already accepting assignments within a certain hourly rate.

As there is always strong demand and a waiting list for these tutors, they are not likely to accept rates below their current rates.

geography tuition

Every year, students trust Star Tutors because we have helped them, their siblings and their friends to achieve higher grades.
It is this careful, thorough, and professional ability to match you with the ideal tutor that differentiates us from other tuition agencies.

Professional Geography Tuition | Best Geography Tuition Singapore | How To Study For Geography | Tuition Agency In Singapore | Reliable Home Tutor Singapore